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Teach/Pair/Share is my structured version of a pair/share.  It is structured more formally that the regular pair/share in that I have to be prepared to do the Teach/Pair/Share, whereas I can just have students do a pair/share at anytime without slide preparation.  The Teach/Pair/Share fits into #reasoning because it requires the students from group A to teach those in group B.

For the Teach/Pair/Share I have make sure each student has a partner, put those rows closer together, one row is group A, the other is group B.

Intially I will have one of the groups take notes, say group A, and the instruction for group B will be to listen.  I tell group B to just listen – and I make sure they do not have a pencil in their hand, because I do not want them writing anything.  Then I have group A take notes and help me solve the problem.  Once we have the whole problem on the whiteboard, I erase it, and switch the slide.

Now it is time for group A to teach group B, and for group B to take notes on what group A is telling them.  It is critical to be circulating at this point.  Randomly choose a group and ask the student in group B how to do the problem. If they explain it correctly, thank the group A students for great teaching, and the group B student for great learning.

Now repeat the same steps with jobs reversed.  At the end I have one problem that everyone needs to do.  I typically google translate the instructions into a language no one knows, and then I act upset when the students do not initially know what to do.

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