So I Guess I’m Making Videos Now

I had to be absent a couple days last week, and I wanted to the class to learn some new material.  We had just spent two days simplifiying radicals, and I wanted them to move onto adding and subtracting.  So I decided to make a quick video of myself explaining how to do it.


The next day basically every single student I have told me how much they loved the video.  The sub-report talked about how great it was.  A couple teachers and a teachers aid all told me at various times throughout the day that they heard I made some great video.  Then yesterday a student told me that she learns better from my videos than she does from me (thanks…  I think?).   And after multiple students asked if the video was online, I figured I should put it online.

And it’s kind of funny because they are nothing special at all – straight up direct instruction.  But it seems like some students got something out of them, so who I am to judge?  And just like Khan I suppose, I did them in one take so they are not time consuming to create.  I ended up making 1 for geometry, and 2 for algebra.

Oh yeah, and I am certainly not going to post them all to this blog.

6 responses to “So I Guess I’m Making Videos Now

  1. Awesome! Don’t you love that the kids liked them better than you on person? Too funny!

  2. How logistically did the sub play the video? Does the sub have use of a laptop?

  3. The sub used the desktop computer in my room. I moved it from my desk over to the projector and set it all up so the sub just needed to play the video. I recorded the video on my iphone, and then transfered the file to the desktop of that computer. I did no video editing at all because it was just one clean take.

  4. My kids and I loved this video and they don’t even know what radicals are!

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