My Favorite Talking Point

If you first want an explanation of the Talking Point activity – click the following link:

Talking Points

Here’s my favorite talking point for developing the classroom culture for listening.  I have other favorite ones too 🙂

It’s impossible for other people to tell if you are listening

I would expect near 50% agree / disagree ratios.  I actually give out seven talking points for them to do but I only discuss the one above with the whole class.  Here are all seven that I use:

After we finish the activity I give them the following reflection prompt which does a nice job having the students confront that there are certain tells as to whether or not someone is listening:

Do you feel like you were being listened to?  Why?  Were you listening to others?  Do you think they knew you were listening?

Essentially, if you think you were being listened to – how do you know?  What were the signs?  If you think you weren’t being listened – why do you think that?

The conclusion at the end is that just listening is not enough.  You also must show the speaker you are listening.  We discuss how it is deflating to speak to a room when lot’s of people are looking down (unless it’s tmc of course).  Even though you may be listening while you are looking down, we in this class do our best to turn and face the speaker and make eye contact.

This year I’m having students stand when they tell me their tally and when I ask them for one the groups arguments.  So I get to further drive how the important of turning to face the speaker because when they are standing everyone can see them.

I don’t recall where the list I pulled these from is located – but I know they were definitely from @cheesemonkeysf.

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