Factoring Puzzle – Practice Version

The Overview:

I wrote about a factoring puzzle I found online here.  That puzzle is difficult because it has trinomials with a leading coefficients other than 1, as well as special products.  I wanted to create a puzzle that would be a simple review on factoring trinomials where the leading coefficient is always 1, or could be 1 if the GCF is factored out first.  Thus when they eventually challenge the more difficult puzzle, their questions will be focused on factoring, rather that “I don’t get what to do?”.

I did not create a scrambled version, so obviously you will need have a TA cut out the pieces and put them into envelopes.



The Goods:



Update 1:

Thanks to a great comment from John, I have created one that does not have a border, thus allowing us to differentiate for the excelling students.  That puzzle is now included above in the original post.  The puzzle without the border is the exact same on the inside as the puzzle with the border, I will eventually make that different too when I get some time.

2 responses to “Factoring Puzzle – Practice Version

  1. Nice! I love these tarsia puzzles. And since I don’t have a TA, I usually just cut it up, re-paste it in random order, and then make copies and have the students cut it up. Do you have a non-pdf version? I want to make it more difficult by adding ones to the corners so it makes it more difficult and I can differentiate for my more advanced students. Thanks!

  2. John – I created it in Adobe Illustrator so I do not have any other file types. But I just created a quick one where I removed the border. I did not get a chance to change the inside of this puzzle to be different, so at this point I would just tell the students that the two puzzles are not the same, and leave it at that. I will create one that is completely different when I get the chance… not sure when that will be 🙂

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