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Congruent Triangles Worksheet

The Overview

Here are two worksheets I created for triangle congruency – one of them is focused soley on SSS, the other on SAS.  Both worksheets begin with two problems where all the information necessary is given in the diagram, then they have two problems where the students need to identify a piece of inherent information, and then two problems where they need to intrepret both inherent and given information.  Then the last three problems are a combination of those.

The Method:

I first put the worksheet into Keynote so I can setup my timers and have my board look like their worksheet.  After that, this is my general recipe.

  1. I do the first problem on the board myself.
  2. I put up a 1 – minute timer and have the students work on the second problem.
  3. After that minute is done, I have them share with their pair share partner.
  4. I pull a popsickle stick and call on one group to come to the board and work the problem.
  5. I then repeat this process again – where I do problem 3, they do 4.  I do 5, they do 6.  Then I have them finish the worksheet on their own.

The Goods: