Separating Management from Content

I think content and management are interconnected.  If you have engaging lessons that are matched to student ability, you have less management problems.  This means that when it comes to creating classroom management strategies, my time is best spent creating / finding great lesson plans.  Since content is the spark that drives me, this relationship is also very convenient.  I would much prefer to figure out ways to engage students, rather than figure out ways to discipline them.  That being said, I still think it is important to view management on its own merits, separate from content, and that is how I will treat it in this blog.

I separate the term management into two unique parts:  routines, and soft skills.  Routines deal with my class rules and procedures.  Soft Skills deal with my interactions with students.   I am not going to give a comprehensive description of each right now, due to my desire to keep my blog posts brief.  But I will be describing them over a series of future posts.

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